Book Cover Door Competition an Illustrator’s joy

It doesn’t only take an author to present a good book especially for children. It is an illustrator’s job to bring out in pictures what the author has written. The first thing that invites one to open up a book is not its words it is the cover.

On Friday, May 18th 2018, students of the Babonneau Primary School out to design their door as a cover of a book of their choosing. there was fun and excitement in the air while students and teachers alike put their doors together.

Ms. Akiko Fukuhara came in as our guest judge for the afternoon. Congratulations to all student and teachers who participated in this event.

The infant and primary sections were judged separately.

Infant : 1st Place – Kindergarten               Primary : 1st Place – Grade 3

2nd Place – Grade 2                                                        2nd Place – Grade 5

3rd Place – Grade 1                                                          3rd Place – Grade 4




 Grade 2 


        Grade 1


           Grade 3 


                  Grade 5 


            Grade 4

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